Reeve Evangelical Free Church

Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known


  • Know: accepting the love and grace of Jesus Christ
  • Grow: grasping and applying God's Word to everyday life
  • Serve: discovering and utilizing our gifts, talents, and passions to further God’s purposes
  • Share: spreading our faith and hope to our neighbors and world.

Mission Statement:

Knowing Jesus and Making Him Known

Purpose Statement:

We believe a life of faith in Jesus is a daily journey and every person is somewhere on that road. Some of us may be discovering faith for the first time. Others of us have been at it awhile, learning to apply faith to every challenge in life. The growing life of faith means that we never “arrive”; instead, we encourage one another to take the next step in our pursuit of God.


To take the next step in our journey of faith we will work to develop the following goals as a church and individuals through authentic relationships and genuine community: